I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and while I love Chicago, any true Chicagoan will say if there is anything we wish we could change, it’s the winters. I don’t know how many times I’ve actually threatened to move during the winter but I know it’s more than I’d like to admit to. I know my dad has threatened to move to Florida every single year and yet, he’s still here. So, why do we stay? What makes us continue to stick through “just one more year” of a Chicago winter? Today, I’m listing the best (worst things) about Chicago winters and why we make it through year after year.

The Best

1. Christkindl Market. We have a huge one in the city and now in the suburbs. It’s always a blast to go and grab some spiced wine or eat potato pancakes. It’s the one time of year we get to do it so we take full advantage!

2.  The holidays. It helps when you have busy weeks or months of planning to help get through part of the winter. Spending quality time with family and friends is always nice.

3. They REALLY make you enjoy the summer. Anyone will agree that Chicago summers are the absolute best. We live for the summers. The first day it’s warm enough outside, it’s officially “patio” weather which means the whole city becomes alive once again. Chicago summers help us forget how truly brutal Chicago winters are.

4. Cozy nights in watching Netflix, making the fact that it’s snowing outside your excuse not to go out.

5. The city during the holidays is always so beautiful! Seeing the window displays on State St.  at Macy’s is one of my favorite things to do every year.The Worst

1.  MONTHS of total darkness. When you wake up and when you get out of work. Seriously, the worst. Period.

2. Winter fashion is sometimes just not cute or flattering. I’m talking snow boots, hat hair, and having to rethink those heels you want to wear for a night out. Yeah, not happening!

3. The high from the holidays and then having nothing to look forward to except for about 5 more months of cold, gloomy weather. Those months are a true testament to your sanity and overall well-being, with January and February being quite possibly the worst months to get through.

4. Having to start your car 20 minutes before leaving your house.

5. Having to dig your car out of snow or cleaning the snow OFF of  your car.

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