I’ve been to Paris once. When I was 18 and studying abroad in Siena, Italy, a few of my classmates and I decided we wanted to go somewhere since we had the next couple of days off, and our time in Italy was coming to a sad end. We walked over to the train station and thought to pick another city in Italy to travel to. Well, it turned into why not pick another country to travel to since we were in Europe and might as well, right? We looked at our options and it turned out that Paris was just a 12 hour train ride away.

We decided it was a GREAT idea, knowing full well we’d only be able to be there for just 24 hours. I went home, packed a few things, and met them all back at the train station. Needless to say, after my parents heard about this little trip, they were not happy. After-the-fact, my mom admitted she was happy I took advantage of going to see the City of Light. 

Now, more than 10 years later, I still dream about returning to Paris. Hector and I always talked about going back together (he also has been) since we started dating, but for some reason, Paris has never happened for me again. I am still hopeful that someday I will go back. I’ve always loved everything about Paris, even long before I fell in love with it after seeing it in person. The lifestyle is one I feel I could easily emulate and not because I would get to eat cheese and bread every day, although that sounds pretty amazing.
Since going back to Paris is not in our plans any time soon, there are ways I can bring a little bit of Paris to me, like wearing a beret such as this one I bought in black and red, listening to french music, trying to learn the language, or ordering a pain au chocolat. For now, this seems to be working out just fine for me.

However, I promised myself that someday I will go back. Whether it’s next year (hint hint Hector 1 year anniversary) or in 10 years, I will see the city I’ve admired and loved once again.

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