Some of you may or may not know this but I wear a prescription for my eyes. Assuming most of you did not know that because I wear my contacts most days, while wearing my glasses before going to bed and in the morning only. I sometimes wear my glasses when my eyes are a little tired or just need a break from wearing contacts all the time.

My eyesight wasn’t always blurry however, once I started using the computer and it  became part of my daily routine, my 20/20 vision was starting to slowly deteriorate. 7th grade was when I officially started wearing glasses as my newest fashion accessory 😉

Over the years, going to the eye doctor at least once a year became the norm with my prescription getting a little stronger. Luckily, the last few years my eyesight has pretty much remained the same, but going to the eye doctor is still a regular yearly routine! I have learned that even though my eye site may not have changed, going to see an eye doctor for regular exams to check my eye health is so important. Doing so, a doctor is able to detect certain diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts.

I’ve visited many eye doctor’s offices in the past, but it was my first opportunity to get a chance to visit Eye Boutique! I went to the Geneva Commons location in Geneva, which was perfect because I love any excuse to visit Geneva. They have several convenient locations throughout the Chicago suburbs as well. Any time I step foot into the eye doctor’s office, I can’t wait to start looking at all of the eye glasses, which I naturally started taking a look at the selection they had. I met the doctor who was so kind and thoroughly explained what to expect during my appointment. 

He walked me through every test and explained why I was taking it. Some of the tests were actually new to me! Because he took to the time to explain each test, I felt like I could understand and comprehend every one. I even learned some new things as well like ways of taking care of my contacts that I didn’t know before.After the tests were completed and everything looked great (yay!), I got the chance to wear a new brand of contacts that he recommended as well as pick out a new pair of frames! Since I have a pair of more squared, darker frames, I chose these Calvin Klein frames that are a lighter tortoise colored frame. They had a large selection of designer frames to choose from so it was definitely difficult to choose. I can’t wait to wear my new pair!Overall, the whole experience was so pleasant and not intimidating at all.  The customer service was exceptional from the moment I walked in and I especially appreciated how the doctor took the time to really walk me through each test, reassuring me I was doing it correctly.

I look forward to going back again one year from now to check in on my vision and eye health with Eye Boutique. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get their comprehensive eye exam, just for the experience alone.

Eye exam and eye glasses c/o Eye Boutique





  1. rescueinstyle Reply

    I also have a prescription for lenses. Love this feature and the cute tortoiseshell glasses!!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you, Christine!!! I am so excited to wear them! I will have to debut them on here 😉

  2. This is awesome! I wish we had an eye boutique in Houston. I love the pair that you picked out. I am need of some new frames soon as well. My pair right now is also dark with square frames!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      I love the new frames I got! Just have to remember to wear them more! 😏

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