I love how an outfit makes me feel especially when it gives me that much needed confidence boost. I love experimenting with clothes, fun new trends, and different styles every season. The new season gives me a chance to revamp my wardrobe and although I am definitely no fashionista by any means compared to some of the other bloggers out there, I do think that my style is approachable, reasonable, and affordable for the everyday girl.  As I’ve continued to develop my style over the years, I’ve also gained the confidence to go with it.I would describe my style as classic and my go-to outfits include items of clothing that I’m sure you can find easily in your wardrobe. My go-to outfit is what I plan to wear on repeat this entire season.


I may own too many pairs of jeans but is that really such a thing? I especially have been loving high-waisted jeans. They’re super comfortable, flattering, and make me feel good! 

A Knit Sweater

A classic knit sweater is easy to pair with jeans, skirt, or dress pants which is why is has been so essential for me.

Over-the-Knee BootsYou can wear this season’s hottest boot with pretty much anything and I always feel confident when I have a pair on.

A Classic CoatA long, super soft and warm coat like this gorgeous one from Jjill  is perfect for those in-between weather days and to bring my whole outfit together.

*Thank you to J.Jill for sponsoring this post. 






    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you so much! The leaves are still hanging on :))

  1. I have always loved high waisted jeans, too! You don’t have to worry about adjusting them and I feel like blouses and sweaters lay nicer over them. I also love your coat! I need to check out J.jill. I always walk by it but have never been in that store!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      Yes! JJill has lovely clothes! And yes i love high waisted jeans

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