One of the things Hector and I have in common is our love for coffee. We’ve had numerous dates to coffee shops and have always enjoyed learning the art and process of making it. I know, kind of dorky, right?

Two years ago, Chicago introduced CoffeeCon to us. It’s a two day convention with a number of Chicago and other local coffee shops all gathered into one space, providing samples of their coffee while explaining the process of how they make it. They even offer a variety of classes. Every single vendor and their coffee is so unique, it’s worth testing out a little bit of whatever you can! The coffee is also available to purchase and we always make sure to bring some take home with us.This year’s CoffeeCon was held at the Fulton Market – Revel Space. The coffee from each vendor was just as delicious as we remembered and within an hour, we were pretty wired from all the caffeine! I think after trying so many samples, you come to a point where you really probably shouldn’t have anymore. I know as I’ve gotten older, I can only have so much!

After we finished at CoffeeCon, we decided to head out to grab a bite to eat in the West Loop. West Loop is by far my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. It’s lined with plenty of restaurants and now, they’re even introducing clothing stores. It has become one of the hottest neighborhoods to dine and live in! I really don’t think I will ever get sick of walking around and taking in just how beautiful and alive Chicago is when I’m there.

If you ever visit Chicago, I highly recommend going to Bar Siena. We decided to order their pizza as it was something we had been meaning to try. It was amazing. I want to go back just for the prosciutto and fig pizza I ordered!It was nice to get out to the city this past weekend, especially because Chicago seems to be hanging onto summer for as long as possible. I look forward to cooler weather and getting into the fall spirit!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thanks so much Katherine! It was definitely a fun day 🙂

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