I can’t believe it’s already October! I can’t say that I am mad about it though. I love this time of year. As much as I love summer, fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Aside from all the delicious comfort food, spicing up my fall wardrobe is also one of my favorite things to do. As Chicago slowly transitions into fall, so does my wardrobe. Every year around September, I put away most of my summer clothing (you never know with Chicago) and I pull out my fall/winter clothing to reassess exactly what I think I’ll keep and what I think I can toss. I will usually put the clothing into a big garbage bag and either will donate it or see if my older sister (we’re about the same size) might get use out of any of the clothes. She always jokes about how she gets a new wardrobe every season thanks to me.img_2815img_2823img_2824I am definitely one of those people that does not like to keep items of clothing for too long. If I haven’t worn something in at least a year, I know that I most likely won’t wear it this year or next. There are some things I keep around especially if I think they will be in style for the season (or I just really love it) and can’t part ways with it quite yet. There are some items that I’ve had a tough time tossing because of it having a special meaning behind it which is also tricky.

For example, these teal corduroy pants were purchased from the Loft around this time last year. I knew these pants were something I couldn’t part with quite yet and because of the fabric, they are classic and perfect for cold weather. Plus, this color is one of my favorites for this time of year!img_2807img_2808img_2813img_2827-1I paired it with this new black bell sleeved shirt from Target.  I am loving statement sleeves right now and this shirt was under $20.00. I wore this outfit for work and while you can wear it with flats, I also like dressing it up like I did here with some black block heel pumps. The flats are new but the heels are at least a year old. Both are items that I know I can and will use time and time again.img_2811img_2829-1img_2831These statement black drop earrings are one of my favorite newest additions to my jewelry collection. You can find them almost anywhere these days in similar styles and in different colors. I purchased these from H&M and they were under $15!img_2828img_2810I totally believe in mixing some old with the new for every season while still being reasonable. As tough as it is to get rid of clothing, I promise you’ll feel great after.

Below, I’m sharing some tips on how I determine if I should keep or toss an item of clothing!

How To Determine To Keep It or Toss It

  1. Have you worn it in the last year? If yes, keep it. If you can’t remember the last time you wore or it’s been 1-2 years since you did, toss it.
  2. Any item that has been damaged, stained, or cannot be fixed, toss it.
  3. Items that don’t fit you. I’ve been there. Those skinny jeans or the dress you once fit into 3 years ago? Holding on some “skinny” clothes only makes me feel worse at times and I am not about that! I’d rather feel good about what I wear, not guilty because it no longer fits. Toss it.
  4. If it still has the tags on it and it’s been months (or even years since you purchased it), I’m sorry to say you probably won’t ever wear it. Toss it!
  5. If you wore it maybe a few times in the last year but it’s a classic item of clothing, keep it.
  6. Owning too much of one thing (i.e. ripped jeans.) is probably a good excuse to toss one or two.

What are some ways that help you transition into a new season? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. Awesome suggestions. i’m terrible at goodbyes, even clothing! Also, if people are looking to git rid of clothing, Famous Fido has a resale boutique that they use to help support their shelter. That’s where I plan on giving my clothes this year!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      Yes!! Totally. No shame in that at all! I also can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe. Luckily a lot of what I have at least from last year can be used still!

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