More than 3 million people are fighting for basic necessities just to live comfortably right now in Puerto Rico. After Puerto Rico and many of the caribbean islands faced the devastation of Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico was hit even harder when Hurricane Maria destroyed the island less than two weeks ago.

Some of you may or may not know but Puerto Rico is where my fiance Hector is from. It’s where he grew up, where his (our) family is currently living, where we got engaged, where Hector has spent countless holidays, and where our future children will get to visit their abuela.img_1709It is absolutely devastating to see millions of people without any power or access to things such as gas, food, and water. Lines to get gas or food are hours long. Having never grown up with hurricanes or face the after-math of a hurricane, I truly cannot imagine what that must feel like. It’s heartbreaking knowing that children and families could live months this way and even longer for Puerto Rico to rebuild and pick itself up again.

All we can do right now is look for ways to help in any way we can.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, home to many I know and love, and they need our help right now more than ever.

No one is excluded from facing the devastation that hurricane Maria has caused. Children, adults, neighbors, the elderly, the sick, and animals need all the help they can get during this horrific and tragic time.

Please see below a starting point on how and where you can help.

Help Puerto Rico

Unidos Por Puerto Rico

American Red Cross





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