This past weekend, Hector and I traveled to D.C. for 4 days. Ever since I was a kid, it was a dream of mine to go. If there is something you need to know about me, it’s that I am a really big nerd. I LOVE history. I always enjoyed learning about American history in school and Abraham Lincoln is pretty much my hero. D.C. was one of those bucket-list items for me for years and although it felt very bittersweet at times to be there with everything that’s going on in this country (not going to get into anything political here), I was so happy we finally got to go!

What they say is very true about D.C. in August when it comes to the heat. If you ever do travel to D.C in the summer, be prepared to feel like you’re practically melting every day. I thought it would be similar to the weather in Chicago that we’ve been having and boy was I wrong! The first day was probably the hottest and walking around in what felt like 100 degree temperatures with not a lot of food or sleep was not pleasant. We definitely both agreed this was also a very active vacation with all the walking we did and are looking forward to resting this weekend!

Our flight was extremely early on Friday because we prefer to get on the earliest flight to be able to enjoy our first day as much as possible. We usually regret this shortly after only getting about 3 hours of sleep (never fails!) We got into D.C. early Friday morning and dropped off our stuff at our hotel since it was too early to check in. We stayed at the Phoenix Hotel right in Capitol Hill which was a great central location.


As soon as we dropped off our things at our hotel, we started our hike towards the Capitol building. One thing you should know is the monuments and buildings seem like they are closer together but it requires much more walking than you think! We were surprised at how far away everything actually was. Our first stop was the Capitol Building, which we could see from our hotel! Also, all the museums and monuments are completely free unless you want to take a special or private tour which is pretty amazing!


img_1343img_1346img_1347img_1344It was really amazing to get to see the Capitol building in person. It was quite beautiful inside. So much of the design reminded me of the architecture in Italy.img_1348Those awesome headphones plus a camera around my neck definitely screamed “tourist!”

We then ventured to see the Library of Congress which was also so beautiful!img_1351img_1349img_1357img_1354img_1350img_1352img_1356img_1358img_1353img_1360img_1361img_1372img_1362img_1369img_1364img_1368img_1366

I wore this striped shirt dress from H&M for the plane ride with a cardigan and my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers. It was really comfortable for the plane ride and walking around but with the heat I wish I would’ve changed my shoes into a pair of sandals. (you live and you learn!)


After walking for what seemed like hours, we decided it was necessary to get some food. We explored Capitol Hill a bit including a stop in Eastern Market, before heading into a great Spanish tapas restaurant.img_1375img_1376img_1370img_1374img_1373img_1371img_1377Lucky for us, it was restaurant week in D.C. so we scored some really great deals!

We headed to the hotel to rest which was 100% necessary before our dinner reservation. Hector surprised me and made reservations all 3 nights we were there, starting with the cutest of them all, Iron Gate Restaurant.I chose to wear this fun outfit that was a mix of feminine and classic. I got my red and white blouse from Zara’s but linked similar ones below. I wore a pair of black dressy Bandolino’s with a small heel and these H&M high-waisted black shorts. (This photo was taken in front of our hotel.)

img_0904-1img_0903-1img_0901-1The ambiance was magical and the food was so delicious. I will never forget our first day and night in D.C.! It was a perfect start to our trip!

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of our trip on the blog soon!



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