Last Sunday, Hector and I took advantage of the beautiful day and decided to spend the day in the city.  It’s funny now that because we aren’t actually living in the “city” anymore, we have to plan a whole day to now take the Metra or drive downtown. We’re about 45-60 minutes outside of Chicago depending on traffic will be so if we do decide to spend a day in the city, it’s all about planning ahead. We do miss being able to get in an Uber or take the brown line downtown but we still get to see the city plenty with us both working downtown everyday.


For me, going to the city is always an adventure no matter how long I have lived here. I love going because I always get the opportunity to experience something completely different. There is seriously so much to still see and do in this beautiful city of ours!img_0725

We had talked about going to 3 Arts Cafe – Restoration Hardware for months but for some reason it never happened until this past weekend. We spent all of Sunday walking around near the River-walk then eventually made our way into the cafe. It’s near Gold Coast/Old Town and it’s one of the more popular places to visit in the city. It’s very well known for it’s beautiful chandeliers, decor, and most importantly, their furniture. The food was delicious and it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. You can’t make any reservations but while you do wait for your table, you can order a drink while relaxing on their beautiful couches.


We walked around the area a bit just taking in the beautiful homes. I am still amazed and how beautiful Chicago can be around this time of year. The greenery alone will make anyone swoon and fall completely head over heels.

I wore this green dress for the first time and I have to say that it’s both feminine and romantic. I loved how light it was and this color is such a beautiful and subtle emerald green. I definitely need own more pieces of clothing this color green. It’s a classic wrap dress that I know for certain will be hanging in my closet for a long, long time.

Days like this Sunday always make me appreciate the city so much. I feel pretty lucky to be able to call Chicago my home. It always surprises and inspires me in ways I’ll never be able to truly explain. It’s a city full of delicious food, amazing people, and some of the best views a city can offer.

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  1. There’s really nothing better than 3 Arts Cafe… always my favorite (when it’s not SUPER crowded)! I also love walking around the Gold Coast since I live in Old Town it’s so close!

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