After starting this blog, I’ve met and connected with so many wonderful bloggers. I respect each one for what they do because putting yourself out there and trying to balance a blog while having a full time job is not an easy thing to do. I thought it would be fun to feature a blogger whom I admire every month right here so you can get to know a little bit more about what they do. We’re all different and we all bring something totally different to the table which is what makes every blogger that much more unique and special.

To start things off, I thought I would feature one of the very first Chicago bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting in person: Christine of The Rescue Runway. Christine actually was also one of the very first bloggers I connected with! (She’s just as sweet and gorgeous in person as she is on the blog)

ACS06-61ACS10-590Not only does she showcase fashion and very stylish outfits, she also showcases pets around Chicago shelters that need a home. I mean, how awesome is that? Christine is the kind of blogger who not only do you admire her for her awesome fashion sense, but commend her for spreading the word about the importance of adopting dogs who are looking for their forever homes. Featured in the Chicago Tribune and on Lauren Conrad’s website, she is making big moves and definitely the next blogger to watch!

(Read on for the interview with Christine below)

1. When did you start The Rescue Runway? The Rescue Runway was something that I quite literally dreamed up in December of last year. I went to work in January and published my first post this February!

2. Why did you decide to get into blogging? I follow many fashion bloggers and love when they share pictures of the pups, the only thing missing was the message behind it. I saw a great platform for the shelter world and an opportunity to tap into a new audience. The blog is a way to share all things rescue and encourage people to consider adoption when looking to add a furry companion to their family.
3. What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?
Oh, this is tough! I have to say I’m really loving these Rebecca Minkoff embroidered booties. I wear them all the time because they are versatile and actually super comfortable. My favorite way to wear them is with a white tee and ripped jeans, letting them make a statement all on their own.

4. Can you tell us a little bit about what made you want to not only talk about fashion on your blog, but about dogs in shelters around the city of Chicago?
It’s funny because I almost consider myself a dog-blogger with a side of fashion! There are plenty of accounts of cute rescue dogs, but followers of these accounts are already aware of reasons to adopt. By adding my own style to the photos, I’m hoping to speak to people who are interested in fashion and trends while also spreading the adoption word!
5. Do you have a favorite breed of dog? 
This is harder than my favorite clothing item! I fall in love every week with a new dog each different from the next. I’m partial to Pit Bulls and senior dogs but I recently worked with Greyhounds Only, an organization specializing in Greyhounds, and I really enjoyed the breed. They are so smart and curious and full of love, plus they tend to be major couch potatoes! When I adopt my own dog, I would definitely consider one of these beautiful pups.

6. What can you recommend for one who might be looking to adopt or get a dog? 
It’s important to know what you are looking for beyond the physical traits, consider your lifestyle and what kind of dog will fit into it. People who are active with flexible schedules might do well with a puppy while those who are often busy and like to relax should consider an older, trained dog. Once you figure out what traits you want, take a trip to the shelter and talk with the staff. They can usually introduce you to a few pups with those qualities. The fun part is, the dog will pick you. People always tell me it’s the dog that ends up rescuing them.
7. What’s your piece of advice for the next aspiring blogger?
Blogging is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done for myself and I encourage others to do it if they’re thinking about it. It can be overwhelming to push that first “publish” button and put yourself out there, but the support and response have been incredible. Believe in yourself, believe in your goals and go for it.

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8. What do you hope to ultimately achieve with The Rescue Runway? 
The ultimate goal is to travel across the country and spotlight different shelters that deserve a voice. So many organizations are doing great things but it’s hard for them to spend the time or money on marketing. I hope I can provide that resource for them at no-cost and bring attention to their dogs and all they are doing for homeless pets. I want to show people everywhere just how amazing these animals are and why we can and should do more for them. In essence, I want to make adoption fashionable.



  1. Yep, I knew reading this first thing in the morning would not be a good idea for my emotional self. Love the post and all your kind words. Thank you for sharing your platform with me and helping to spread the adoption word. Looking forward to more features like this!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      No need to get emotional pretty lady!! All great things! You’re an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work! xo-Meli

    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thanks so much for reading Tasha! I couldn’t agree more. She’s doing something truly amazing and so unique!

  2. I absolutely love this! Dogs and fashion are pretty much my two favorite things. I love the mission behind her blog and will have to keep an eye out for her. That’s so fun y’all were able to connect in Chicago! 🙂

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