If anyone knows me well, they know I have a slight addiction to coffee. I can’t help the fact that I am Italian and have been surrounded by espresso drinking parents (and siblings) all of my life. Basically, I’ve had coffee running through my veins from the moment I was born. I probably could have a separate blog on why I love coffee all on its own.

I knew that the person I would end up with would probably have to like coffee at least a little bit because how awkward would it be if he drank tea? (no judgement for tea drinkers) I honestly feel like Hector and I bond over our coffee dates.

We look forward to them. We love going out to the city and exploring the coffee shops it has to offer. Even when we travel, we always make sure to read up on reviews so we know where to go to have the best latte.

Also, Hector and I have every kind of way to make coffee available EXCEPT a keurig because we don’t believe in it. Pour-over? Yes. Espresso machine? Thank God. French press? One of the best.

My drink of choice is usually a latte with almond milk and an extra shot. Or if I’m not really wanting anything too heavy, I’ll go for a cortado or espresso macchiato.

It’s a bit tougher now that we’re in the burbs to find a new coffee shop to explore but we’ve been to plenty around the city of Chicago. Hector and I used to have a little thing back in the day on instagram called “Coffee Shopping Sundays” where we would go to a new coffee shop every Sunday and take a photo.

With all the coffee shops we’ve been to, I can say with confidence that this list here rounds up the best coffee shops the city has to offer. It could be a very, very long list but I figured I’d just narrow it down to 5. (FYI, all of these photos are my own from each actual coffee shop)

1. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Probably one of the most popular in Chicago, La Colombe has become one of our go to spots in the city. They have lattes on draft and a cortado that is and forever will be one of my favorites. Our favorite spot is the one in the West Loop, which seems to be the most popular location. Their customer service is always so great, too. I feel very at home every time I go.

2. Dark Matter/Star Lounge

Dark Matter’s coffee is so, so smooth and so delicious. They make all of their own coffee, have their own roaster, and it’s vibe is unlike any other! Star Lounge actually used to be a bar and is now one of their coffee shop locations. It’s very grungy, hip, and definitely makes you feel like you’re not in any regular coffee shop. I think that’s one of the reasons we love it so much. It’s so unique!

3. Ipsento/Ipsento 606

Ipsento’s coffee is AMAZING! They have so many different varieties and lattes. They also have lattes on draft and is one of Hector’s favorites.

 I will say be prepared to stand in a line if you go to their original location because it’s usually pretty long depending on what time of day you go. Ipsento 606 officially is serving the most delicious mini donuts so if you go, definitely get one.

4. Sawada Coffee

If you want to see a coffee shop unlike any other, go to Sawada Coffee in the West Loop. As soon as I walked in, my jaw completely dropped because of how COOL it was inside!

 Tea lights, benches, and the coolest decor all make up one of the hippest, coolest coffee shops to open in the city. Again, definitely be prepared to wait a bit because it’s definitely a popular one.

5. Pickwick Coffee (Originally Asado Coffee Location) 

This place is beyond magical because of the location itself on 22 E. Jackson.  Hector and I knew that when we were thinking of where to take our engagement photos, this definitely had to be one of our locations.

The little brick alleyway leading to the coffee shop, the lit up “coffee” sign, and the tea lights, are reason enough for you to first: take a photo, and two: get caffeinated.  It was so funny how many people stopped to just take a photo here. Also, yes, the coffee is AMAZING! One of the best lattes I’ve had.

Well, there you have it! A little guide to some of the best Chicago coffee shops. If you’re a coffee lover and plan on visiting Chicago any time soon, you definitely won’t be disappointed!







    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you Katherine! I’ve tried so many times to switch to tea but can never stick to it! It’s tough. I’m sure it’d be better for me but I just love coffee too much!

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