1. Héctor and I are taking our official engagement photos on Saturday!!! It’s finally here and we could not be more excited! I don’t want to give too much away but one of the photo spots will be where Héctor and I met on our first date. I have to admit I’m a little nervous! Here’s a sneak peak into one of the outfits I am wearing.

2. Apparently Wednesday was national selfie day?! Well I’m really terrible at taking selfies and prefer not to take them unless they are with someone and even then they’re really awful but here is my delayed national selfie day photo with Héctor. (FYI I had stepped out for a few minutes to get some fresh air after not feeling so hot all day hence the no makeup and that hair.)

3. We are so looking forward to Sunday because we finally, FINALLY will get to relax a bit. We’ve been going non stop for what seems like months. But then again I can’t relax ever so I wouldn’t be surprised if I said let’s go somewhere to do something. After all, the weekends are so precious especially during the summer, am I right?!

4. I have to say that it’s been about one month since I started the blog and I’m overwhelmed by the positive response by so many people. Even when I feel like I’m crazy to do it or feel like I’m not good enough someone will randomly remind me that it’s totally worth it so thank you for following along and for taking the time to read!

5. I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines BBG app for 7 weeks now. It’s really awesome because since we have a little gym in our apartment complex, I am only spending $20 a month on the app. All of the resistance workouts are only 28 minutes long and you only have to do them 3 days per week! Minimal equipment is required. The cardio can be as easy as a walk or you can do sprints. There are also meal plans which are awesome and easy to make. I actually feel like I’m eating more than I used to. I also don’t feel deprived whatsoever and it’s totally doable for anyone with a busy schedule and not looking to spend a fortune at the gym! The workouts get tougher each week to keep you challenged which is great. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten stronger these last few weeks and I’ve noticed it has helped toned my bottom half. The leg workouts are especially killer!

Have a GREAT weekend! Hope you have some fun plans in store!



    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thanks Katherine! We’re excited too. Can’t wait to share!

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