I thought we’d switch things up a bit here and focus the attention on this model right here.

As many of you know, this blog would not really be totally possible without my other half, my fiance Hector. Hector and I have been dating for the last 3 and a half years and he really is the best human being I know and I’m not just saying that. I thought it’d be fun to officially introduce to you the man who helps me take photos, is my support system, and my other half/love of my life!

Hector is from Puerto Rico. He moved to Chicago in June 2013 after being offered a job when he attended a job fair in New York. He had just recently graduated from ad school in Miami and already had two offers on the table. Boy am I glad that he ended up in Chicago!

Hector is a very talented copywriter working in advertising and lucky for me, my sister was at the same agency Hector got his first job at. It was just a few months after he started that my sister told me about this guy named Hector from Puerto Rico. She always told me how nice, thoughtful, and handsome he was and how she wanted to “adopt him.” Hector was here alone with no family around so she felt the need to take him into ours.  Well, that obviously did not and could not happen so she figured maybe she should introduce him to me and get him into the family some other way.

A few months had passed by and one opportunity was already missed to meet each other so by the time the holidays had come around, I really was not thinking or interested in meeting anyone.

Come February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, Hector decided once and for all to make his move and reached out to me via FB. He called me a couple of days later to ask me out (like a true gentleman). February 21, 2014 was our first date and the rest is HISTORY!

Now, 3 and a 1/2 years later, we are getting ready for our WEDDING!

I always say I felt like I’ve known him forever which is a great thing. It’s always been super easy with Hector. He’s so chill and I am so not. We love a lot of the same things like coffee, traveling, art, movies, food, and wine just to name a few. We always joke that if one of us didn’t like coffee, it might not have worked out.

There are so many reasons why I love and appreciate him. Since the first day we started talking, he always manages to ask me how my day was. Literally, every single day since the first day we started talking. That’s reason number 1 out of 289737.

So, there you have it. A little bit about my other half. My man behind the camera lens. The man who makes me the happiest girl in the world. And yes, he’s just as cool as he looks in those photos!

Feel free to follow him on his instagram @hsbauza!





    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you Katherine!! I thought it was important since he’s also a big part of this blog. Thank you for reading! <3

  1. Love Hector– Love Tiziana… and LOVE that you are her sister and are so happy. xoxoxoxo

    • mimbrogno Reply

      You are so sweet, Sue! Thank you so much! I love them both too very, very much! xoxo

  2. Kristen Byrd Reply

    I love this post and how you featured your sweet fiance! I especially loved hearing how y’all met! He has a cool sense of style just like you 😉 I am excited to hear about more about your engagement & wedding coming up!

    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you so much Kristen! He’s a pretty cool guy 😉 and I can’t wait to share with you too!

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