1.Hector and are hosting our first mini dinner party with some members of our family in our new apartment on Saturday! If there’s anything that makes me happy, it’s being able to put together a good meat and cheese board together and pair it with some wine! I wish I could just eat cheese, bread, and drink wine everyday.

2. I just recently ordered really great hair products that a friend of mine recommended for me. I have a lot of hair and it’s sometimes really difficult to manage. Plus, I’ve done so much coloring and have used so many hot tools on it, it’s not in the best shape whatsoever. I can’t wait to try it out and tell you guys how it is! Look out for that review soon!

3. Hector and I booked a trip to D.C. in August! I am a big history nerd so I have been wanting to go to D.C. for the longest time. We went to Boston in October and I fell in love. Some photos from our Boston trip below.  I can’t wait to explore another city full of history soon! If anyone has any recommendations for where to go, please let me know! 

4. By the time Hector and I get home from work, running errands, or working out, it tends to get pretty late. To keep dinner light, we’ve been eating freshly made salads with a little bit of protein like salmon like the ones below. I am all about those getting those greens in lately!

5.Sunday is Father’s Day! I always wished my dad did the whole father’s day gift thing but he literally never wants anything. My dad either 1. gets upset we spent money on him or 2. does not like the gift. Usually we just do a group gift and pray for the best of what we think he might like. Regardless of the gift, my dad is unlike any other and I love him a lot. He’s provided for us and made so many sacrifices along the way. I feel very lucky to have had a dad who loved his wife and his kids unconditionally! Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the incredible Fathers out there! (my brother and brother-in-law included!)

Also, have you checked out my post about 20 summer finds under $50? This dress below is from Target and is one of my favorites this summer! PLUS it was less than $50! I love clothing that looks and feels great and won’t break the bank. I linked up some really great finds so be sure to check them out.

Cheers to the weekend! 



    • mimbrogno Reply

      Thank you Katherine! And yes we can’t wait. The tickets were super cheap so we thought why not?

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