I wish I had the opportunity to travel more but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my own little adventures from what surrounds me everyday! There are definitely some hidden gems near us like this little historic town called Geneva.

Hector always says I can’t stay still or relax but it’s because I don’t want to miss out on a beautiful day so I always want to make the most of it. Chicago is the absolute best in the summer. We always say that the reason people stay in Chicago is because of the summers. Imagine if Chicago was beautiful all year long?! I would never threaten to leave every winter then! That’s why especially on a beautiful day, I have to get outside and take full advantage of what the day has to offer me. Even if it means going to the next town over or just walking to our coffee shop. It’s just about getting out to explore!

I love walking to explore little towns or neighborhoods. Hector and I have been going on long walks every night in our own and I swear I feel like we discover something new every time!

The town had bikes decorated for “Bike Geneva.” I especially adored the ones decorated with flowers!

I’ve always loved exploring little towns like this one. I feel like it has been frozen in time in some ways whether it’s their traditions or stores that have been around for years. There’s something really charming and precious about towns like this one!

Hector and I agree when we say it’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. (Hector was the first to say that) I think that has become my motto. Especially when I’m taking photos and the reason why I am constantly taking them! I find a lot of things really beautiful, even if ordinary.

I got this off-the-shoulder top from Express. It was very comfortable to wear all day and I love chambray right now. Plus it has the cutest little tie front. I’ve been loving this look on dresses or on off-the-shoulder tops. I get a lot of questions about wear I get my off-the-shoulder dresses or tops (since that’s all I seem to be wearing lately) and so I’ve linked some similar tops (including mine)  here from Express!

I paired it with a pair of white denim shorts that I got on super sale from J.Crew Outlet! So comfortable to wear and added bonus was there was a lot of stretch, which I need!

You can find similar ones below here.

I hope this encourages you to get out and explore or to just remember to enjoy the little things in life. You’d be surprised by how much there is to be thankful for just from what surrounds you everyday!



  1. mimbrogno Reply

    Thank you Katherine! We really do! You and your hubby remind me of Hector and I. It’s too bad we don’t live in the same state!

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