Hector and I recently moved to a suburb just outside of Chicago. We both felt it was the next step in our lives and even though we love the city, we felt it was a necessary move. Both of our jobs are downtown so we still get to see and admire the city skyline every day. Luckily, we’re still close enough to the city where we can hop on the train any time we want.

unnamed (2)Since we moved at the end of April, we had not yet gone to the city for any event or special occasion. The weeks and weekends have been quite busy and honestly, I didn’t have much of a desire to go to the city just because of the traffic alone. This past weekend, however, we decided to get dressed up and make the drive.

I love date nights because I love getting dressed up to go somewhere when we have the opportunity to.  I always say I like getting dressed up for myself but I also like getting dressed up for Hector. We think it’s important to be able to do something special for ourselves every once in awhile. With the wedding planning and saving money, we are still trying to make time for our dates.  I always look forward to them because it’s just Hector and I enjoying each other’s company over a good meal. I honestly could talk to him for hours!

img_6658When we do go out, our goal is to try a restaurant we’ve never been to before. We love to eat (Puerto Rican and Italian) and love exploring what’s new. We also love getting the chance to support local restaurants and businesses as much as we can. img_6669


A typical date night for us usually starts with a cocktail. A glass of wine or champagne for me, a beer or a fancy cocktail for Héctor. 
Usually the week has been pretty hectic so for us, we feel like it’s nice to just start the night without a worry in the world. In this case, we will pick a different bar or restaurant to enjoy one.  I like to dress based on how the restaurant’s dress code is, Hector always makes fun of me because I always have to plan ahead and figure out what to wear a week in advance. (I can’t be the only girl who does this?!)

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (1)

Below I’ve even linked some great outfits and looks for your next date night, including the yellow dress I wore. I am also eyeing this dress here and absolutely loving this one here!

Visiting Chicago? Go to Nellcote for a glass of Rose to start your night off right and end it at Salero for some Spanish Tapas!



  1. Okay first, you guys are TOO cute! Second, I completely agree with you on date night! It holds such value and is important for every couple. We don’t make the drive to our downtown too often but like you said, it’s always fun to find a special occasion to get dressed up! 🙂

  2. mimbrogno Reply

    Thanks so much Katherine! It totally is. And yes, it’s totally important whether it’s a fancy night or not!

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