Hector and I had been wanting to take a little trip to Milwaukee for quite some time now but could never find the time to go. Growing up in the midwest my whole life, it’s actually surprising that I’ve never spent more than a couple of hours exploring the city! Since it’s only about 1 hour and a half from Chicago, we decided that the holiday weekend was the perfect excuse for us to take advantage and finally drive out. If you ever feel like escaping Chicago to visit a new city, I’d recommend taking a day or two to visit the charming little city of Milwaukee. We will definitely be back!

Our first stop was the Historic Third Ward, a very cool, artsy area. Coffee shops, restaurants, a market, fashion boutiques and stores all make up the Third Ward. Hector and are big coffee drinkers so naturally, our first stop was at Colectivo for a little pick me up before exploring. IMG_6028The coffee was delicious and the vibe was very cool too. You can purchase all of their coffee as well! IMG_6024IMG_6033We then went to check out the Milwaukee market nearby which was very cool. Reminded me a lot of Boston’s Quincy Market. Overall, I feel like Milwaukee was definitely a mix of Chicago and Boston.IMG_5656IMG_5643Our next stop was the art museum which everyone told us we had to go to so that was for sure on our list. Everything else we did was a little more spontaneous!IMG_5665IMG_5683IMG_5669

IMG_5704IMG_5705IMG_5720IMG_5722I told Hector this photo ^^ reminded me of Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp.IMG_5748IMG_5753IMG_5759IMG_5749

IMG_5779IMG_5775Milwaukee is right by the lake and they have such beautiful views of the city by the river walk. There’s actually two, one by the museum and one river walk downtown with a bunch of restaurants and fun things to do like boat tours and kayaking. So fun and so charming! I think besides the museum, the downtown area was my favorite.IMG_5837

unnamedIMG_5888IMG_5857IMG_5881Shop the slippers here! IMG_5864IMG_5879IMG_5915IMG_5947IMG_5964Famous status of the Fonz! Much smaller in person.IMG_5977IMG_5993I bought this red jumpsuit from Anthropologie and am in love with it. It’s the brightest red with wide pant legs. The top is so flattering and I was comfortable in it all day! I’m in love the wide pant trend right now. I have a few jumpsuits like the one above that I plan to wear a lot this summer for the comfort alone. You can still shop this jumpsuit here. unnamed (1)Modern day Venice and Parisian inspired buildings. parisianWe also stopped for lunch in the Third Ward at a delicious Italian restaurant that did not disappoint. Milwaukee is such a charming city. It has a lot to offer for when you want to escape for just a couple of days. We didn’t really plan too much and honestly, it was fun to just go with the flow to see where the day would take us! I’d say it was a pretty successful little trip!


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